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How to choose a good quality swimwear?
Nov 08, 2018

How to choose a good quality swimwear?


Swimsuits One Piece.jpgTouch the fabric with your hands to feel the comfort of your skin. A good swimwear should be very tight, but the elasticity is not as big as possible, but the rebound is better, and the stretch can still return to the original. Generally, swimwear is tighter than normal clothes. Therefore, consumers should be able to use a hand or try on a purchase, feel the swimwear and their skin and body fit, too tight, too loose, strong sense of pressure is not suitable for swimwear.

The swimwears currently on the market are made of nylon with spandex, and the combination of polyester and spandex is second. In addition, the content of spandex is also an important indicator for judging the quality of swimwear. The spandex content in swimwear is 15%-20%. Such swimwear can flexibly move with body movement. If the spandex content is less than 10%, remind consumers to buy carefully.

For the purchased swimwear, pay attention to check the quality of the quilting, or choose a swimsuit with a wide stitching. Generally, the stitching is about 3 mm. In addition, you can also check whether the surface of the fabric has flaws, color differences, stains, and whether the sewing track is straight and round. For swimwears with buckles, slings and tethers, check the firmness of these details to make a preliminary quality judgment. . When shopping for swimwears, it is best not to choose more styles. Once the amount of exercise is large, it is easy to open the line from the splicing, causing embarrassment to the wearer.

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