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What are the characteristics of the jersey?
Aug 22, 2018

What are the characteristics of the jersey?


Custom Dry Fit Soccer Jersey.jpgA jersey is a garment worn by athletes who perform ball sports when they are doing sports. It usually includes short sleeves for the upper body and shorts for the lower body. The material generally uses a cloth with good breathability and hydrophobicity, which does not affect the athlete's physical activity, is not easy to generate static electricity, and is light in weight. A good jersey helps athletes improve their grades.

The design of the jersey must first consider the impact of the athlete's movement, and the choice of fabrics, generally will include elastic fabrics such as Lycra, the design should be bright, color combination. The beautiful and practical jerseys of the design, the world famous jerseys such as Inter Milan, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Juventus, Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Rome and so on.

The signature jersey has the characteristics of identifiability, uniqueness, collectability, artistry, era and anti-counterfeiting. Signatures are practical. A successful and valuable signature is not for everyone to read. The identifiability of the signature is that it conforms to the characteristics of Chinese characters and English structures, and conforms to the law of signature design. As long as the principle is analyzed, everyone can know. The signature that is swayed is a kind of logo, which is a personal patent, showing people's unique personality and strong personal style. Whether it is a star signature or a signature jersey, it has a long-term collection value. The signature itself is an art. In different periods and different environments, the signature is different. It reflects the different moods of people and is a personal portrayal. The signature indicates that the individual accepts, approves, and agrees. In social interaction, it is a means of relying on credit and has high anti-counterfeiting.

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