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What are the functions of the jacket?
Aug 15, 2018

What are the functions of the jacket?


Outdoor Waterproof Jackets.jpgFor those who love outdoor sports, Jackets are definitely one of the essential equipment. Whether it's hiking, hiking or skiing, rock climbing, all of the jackets come in handy. According to its functionality, the jacket can be roughly divided into a three-in-one jacket, a hard shell, and a soft shell jacket.

The three-in-one jacket is a highly functional orthodox jacket. It consists of a jacket and a liner. Because the jacket is made of windproof waterproof and breathable fabric, the material is slightly hard and the thermal insulation performance is poor. The liner enhances the warmth and comfort of the jacket. The reason why this jacket is called a three-in-one jacket is because it has three combinations to suit different occasions and needs. The hard shell jacket refers to the multi-layer composite material of the clothing material, which has super waterproof and certain air permeability. Hard shell jackets are usually the most commonly used, but because of their poor comfort, they limit other uses. The hard-shelled jacket is mainly waterproof and has a slightly poorer comfort.

The soft-shelled jacket was originally a kind of three-in-one jacket, but the outer casing was softer. This jacket-like garment is very lightweight and tends to be fashionable in design, suitable for everyday wear, and can be complemented by a hard shell jacket. Although it is weaker than the three-in-one jacket, it can still cope with a certain amount of light rain to moderate rain.

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