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What are the types of T-shirts?
Oct 09, 2018

What are the types of T-shirts?


Sublimation T Shirts.jpgThe round neck short-sleeved T-shirt is naturally not to be said. It is a T-shirt style that is most commonly worn by men, women and children in daily life. The round neck short-sleeved T-shirt can be worn alone or as an interior. It is the most versatile item in any season, and no matter what type of person, it is very popular with a T-shirt style. In addition, the real thing in life is that everyone wears a round neck T-shirt because the round neck T-shirt looks more rigorous than the V-neck T-shirt, the V-neck T-shirt looks more casual, and the female wears a V-neck. T-shirts are easier to remove, so generally in a slightly formal occasion, everyone prefers to choose a round neck T-shirt.

Compared with the round neck T-shirt, the V-neck T-shirt is very suitable for women, and it is easy to wear a sexy woman style. A round or square face or a short neck V-neck T-shirt must be your savior. V-neck T-shirts have also become a great tool for many fashionistas on the street. Boys will be less suitable for V-neck T-shirts. If a boy wants to choose a V-neck T-shirt, he must grasp the size of the V-neck opening. Otherwise, if the figure is not good, wearing a V-neck T-shirt is a tragedy.

The two T-shirts mentioned above are the more common types in real life, and in recent years, U-neck T-shirts have also become popular. Of course, the styles of these T-shirts are only popular among girls’ T-shirts. Compared with the previous two T-shirts, the U-neck looks more retro and elegant, and more special, so it has been very popular in recent years, but the same T-shirt also has suitable and unsuitable people, as well as the opening. The size, the girl who is a square face is not very recommended for this style of T-shirt, if you must choose, then the neckline should be opened below the collarbone, more exposed, can lengthen the proportion of the face.

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