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What is the cycling jersey?
Aug 20, 2018

What is the cycling jersey?


Women's Cycling Jersey.jpgCycling jersey is a professional sportswear when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. The classification of cycling jerseys can be divided into a variety of ways, which can be classified according to the season, or according to fabrics, styles, or according to the production process. Generally speaking, the cycling jerseys are bicycle riding suits, and do not include motorcycle riding suits; motorcycle riding suits are generally called rider suits or racing suits.

Motorcycle jerseys and bicycle jerseys have their own focus. The main purpose of motorcycle riding suits is windproof and protective; cycling jerseys are mainly used for comfortable riding, focusing on quick-drying, high-elasticity, heat preservation and perspiration performance; the requirements for protective performance are weaker than motorcycle riding suits. . Motorcycle riding suits are made of fur and PU, with sponge and silica gel as protective ingredients, which are relatively heavy. The cycling jersey is made of polyester and lycra, which is light, quick-drying and high-elastic. This illustration is a bicycle long sleeve jersey.

Cycling jerseys are generally classified into the following two types according to the production process: color matching cycling jerseys and thermal transfer cycling jerseys. The color matching jersey will cut the colored jersey fabric into pieces and sew it according to a certain style. The main advantage of becoming a color matching jersey is that the price is low and the performance is not compromised. The main disadvantage is that it cannot be used. Hot transfer printing adds a pattern and text to it. The general solution is to use screen printing or embroidery to solve the problem of graphic printing. The thermal transfer type of cycling wear is characterized by bright printed patterns and can print any graphic on the Jersey. It does not have too many pieces of cloth and sewing because of the color-matching jersey. Node. Compared with color-blocking jerseys, the disadvantage is that the thermal transfer process costs are relatively high, and the price is relatively higher than the color-matching jersey.

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