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What is the historical development of T-shirts?
Aug 29, 2018

What is the historical development of T-shirts?


Sublimation T Shirts.jpgT-shirts are also known as T-shirts. Originally an underwear, it was actually a lapel half-open collar, and later developed into a coat, including two series of T-shirts and T-shirts. There has been a lot of talk about the origins of T-shirt names. One way of saying is that the dock workers who unloaded tea in Annapolis, Maryland, in the 17th century wore such short-sleeved clothes. People abbreviated Tea as T and called this shirt T-Shirt. The second argument is that in the 17th century, British sailors were ordered to wear short sleeves on their vests to obscure the mane, avoiding unsightly observations. There is also a saying that the sleeve and the upper body form a T-shape, that is, the garment is a T-shaped suture collar, hence the name.

In 1913, the US Navy stipulated that the sailor's overalls wore a short-sleeved white sweatshirt with a sailor collar. One of the reasons was to cover the thick chest hair of the sailors. T-shirts are widely used in raw materials, such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk, chemical fiber and blended fabrics, especially cotton, hemp or hemp cotton blends. They are breathable, soft, comfortable, cool, absorbent, and heat-dissipating. . T-shirts are often knitwear, but as consumer demand continues to change and design is increasingly refurbished, T-shirts made from woven fabrics are also available as new members of the T-shirt family. This type of T-shirt often uses ribbed collar or ribbed sleeves, ribbed hem, and embellished with machine embroidery and trademarks. It not only reflects the uniqueness of the designer, but also makes the T-shirt unique and adds beauty. Among the woven T-shirt fabrics, silk fabrics that are light, soft, smooth and so on are preferred, and they are particularly comfortable to wear.

T-shirts made of simulated silk polyester or washed nylon fabrics, such as inlays, add a special style and artistic charm to T-shirts, which are loved by young men and women. In addition, there is Fuchunfang, which is interwoven with rayon and rayon. The specially treated peach skin dyed polyester silk, warp-washed silk and silk are ideal fabrics for T-shirts, and inexpensive cotton. Fabrics have become the darling of T-shirt fabrics. It has the characteristics of being natural, relaxed, sweat-absorbing, breathable, non-allergic to the arm, comfortable to wear, etc., and it has the largest proportion in T-shirts, satisfying the psychological requirements of returning to nature and advocating nature.

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