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What is the origin of the shirt?
Sep 27, 2018

What is the origin of the shirt?


Custom Men's Button Down Shirt.jpgSuits and shirts originated in Europe, and the buttons used in shirts were inspired by the interspersed cufflinks from French shirts. Therefore, the style of the dress shirt is basically based on the French shirt, with beautiful French sleeves. Depending on the dress or dress, the collar and front hem may take a different style from the French tradition. The fabric is mainly made of pure cotton, silk and other natural textures. The tailored fit fits the lining in the cuffs to maintain the crisp effect. This is the same as the dress and suit, emphasizing the modified body lines. Shirts for dresses are generally only white, and daily dress shirts are mostly white or light. Please note that American shirts are influenced by the prevalence of American civilian culture. The style is loose, and they are not tailored. They often use buttons to fix the collar. They are neither beautiful nor elegant, so the style is more suitable for home shirts. The true upper class in the United States will not wear an American shirt as a formal dress.

Casual shirts are used in matching blazers. There are no rules for the use of fabrics. The styles are unchanged on the traditional basis or slightly changed in design. The color patterns are extremely free. Casual shirts and suits are worn with a tie to see your own preferences and matching effects. In addition, as a special rule, the dark, shiny, casual shirt fabric has been loved by the performing artists, often used by actors and designers to match suits for formal occasions. If the dark shirt is tailored, the suit can not only maintain the gentleman's style, but also be easy and handsome, and gradually become a young casual evening dress style with some tastes.

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