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Why can a handbag give women a sense of security and confidence?
Oct 12, 2018

Why can a handbag give women a sense of security and confidence?


Fashion Cotton Handbag With Back Pockets.jpgBritish psychologists have found that women are willing to carry their handbags with them because the handbags give them enough confidence. First of all, the package can give women a sense of security. The bag is like a close companion, carrying it with you, and you have a sense of solidity in your heart. The woman's love for the bag reflects the level of Maslow's need to say that security is a physiological need and a human instinct. When women walked into the vast world from the outside, it was the package that gave them some emotional support on the subconscious. In some cases, handbags can also help them relieve inner tension and anxiety.

At the same time, the package can reflect the taste of life and femininity. The bag is the best accessory for matching clothes, and it is the way they change their mood. For them, picking and matching handbags is a delight, they are not tired. A well-matched handbag reveals their pursuit of quality of life. From some women's bags, you can read her soft, small space, disorderly arranged lipstick, eyebrow pencil, perfume, keys, wallet, phone book, mobile phone, photos, etc., equal to loud They are declared very feminine.

Handbags can sometimes reveal the secrets of the owner. For example, some women think that handbags must be practical, even as big as a briefcase. Most women who like big bags are just outside and soft, and they want to give people the feeling of independence. But they often lack independence. They are completely worried about everything. They must be in control and feel at ease.

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