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How Shorts Should Fit?
May 23, 2018

How shorts should fit?


Shorts in the subculture is one of the attributes of nature. Children in shorts (especially boys) give people a lovely, lively feeling. It is also the standard image of Zhengtai. Shorts are a must-have for men in the summer, not only refreshing but also with casual fashion sense.


There are many reasons why people wear shorts. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They are cool, light and allow the body to make large movements. Even many people think this is a fashion.


Gym Shorts.jpg

In Western history, shorts were worn only by young boys. When children grew up, they would have their own first trousers, which made people realize that shorts were just things for young boys. In the 1970s, the European and American countries proposed to change their clothing materials to reduce the use of air conditioners and fans because of the energy crisis, and later became women's fashion. Today, most young boys already have trousers when they can distinguish between trousers and shorts. Even if they still wear shorts when they reach adulthood, they will not be surprised.

Shorts are easy to wear handsome feeling, especially camouflage, strap, cowboy, special styles and special fabrics, it is easy to bring out this feeling. Professional women who enter and leave the office every day are less likely to choose shorts, because many shorts will give people a feeling of being too casual and not in harmony with the serious atmosphere of the office. But as long as you choose the right style, with elegant colors of the tops, you can wear comfortable shorts into the workplace. 


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