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How To Choose Ski Jacket?
May 17, 2018

How to choose ski jacket?


Ski jackets are generally divided into competitive clothes and tourist suits. Competitive clothing is designed according to the characteristics of competition items, focusing on the improvement of athletic performance. Tourism clothing is mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical. The color of ski jackets is usually very bright. This is not only about beauty, but also on safety. If you skiing on a high mountain, especially on a steep hillside, the skiing field far away from the building is prone to collapse or disorientation, and in this case the bright clothes provide a good vision for the search.

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So how to choose ski jacket? First, it is not possible to choose clothes that they are too small or tight for the body (except professional competition clothes), which will restrict the taxi movement. Second, from a structural point of view, ski jackets are divided into part of the body ski jackets and one-piece ski jackets in two forms. According to the experience, wearing a pair of ski suit is easier than sliding ski suit. Third, from the material point of view, the wear of ski jacket should be wear resistant, tear proof and windproof, and the nylon or tear proof cloth with surface treated by wind protection is better. 

Next, from the color view, it is better to choose the striking color of red, orange, sky blue or multiple colors that can form a big contrast with white. One is to add charm to the sport, and more mainly to provide a waking sign for other skiers to avoid collision accidents. Last, the opening of ski jacket is mainly made of large zipper, so that it can be operated conveniently when wearing gloves. Skiing gloves should be wide, choosing five fingers separated, gloves long, best to cover the cuffs, skiing cap best choose the head type, it not only shows the front half of the face, but also can prevent the cold wind damage to the face.


In short, a comfortable and beautiful ski jacket with your beautiful and taxiing posture will surely bring you good enjoyment. 

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