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How To Maintain Jackets?
Jun 26, 2018

How to maintain Jackets?


Outdoor Waterproof Jackets.jpgThe quality of Jackets is more durable than ordinary clothing, but no matter how good the quality is, the waterproof breathable layer of the Jackets will gradually wear out as the wearing time increases. Therefore, in everyday wear, care should be taken to protect the Jackets. When traveling outdoors, do not let the backpack squeeze the jacket for a long time, because the long-term extrusion wear will accelerate the abrasion of the waterproof breathable film of the jacket. The Jackets should be pulled over the belt and then the belt is buckled again. Avoid the wear and tear caused by the jacket. For those who do not normally wear jackets, the jackets should be racked up and hung in the closet instead of stacking the jackets in the closet and ordinary clothing. This is very easy to make Jackets clothed and lose the sense of straight up. And it is easy to cause the pleated parts to be worn, which affects the ventilation and waterproof performance of the jacket.

Although Jackets are more resistant to dirt, when the Jackets pass over a period of time, the surface will inevitably take up dirty things or be soaked by acidic rain. If you don’t wear Jackets, you should do it once for Jackets cleaning. Because the breathable waterproof performance of Jackets is mainly due to a layer of waterproof breathable film in the fabric, this layer of film is loose and porous, which can isolate the water droplets and allow gas to pass through. However, if the jacket is soiled or soiled, these dirt will clog the air-permeable membrane, which will result in reduced ventilation performance. In addition, there is a certain amount of acidic corrosive substances in the rain, which can easily accelerate the aging of the fabric. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to clean the jacket.


The Jackets are cleaned according to the situation. After the first outdoor trip, they are covered with mud, oil, or rain. The second situation is when the jackets are not worn for a long time. If it is not these two conditions, just ordinary wear, it should not be the same as ordinary clothing, just wear a week to go to wash, although the correct cleaning method can avoid damage to the jacket, but for the pressure on the jacket For rubberized clothes, frequent cleaning is still very harmful. Everybody should judge whether they should wash according to the degree of dirt on the jacket after wearing, and should not be based on the time of wearing.

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