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How To Pick A Good Winter Jacket
Sep 19, 2018

                          How to pick a good winter jacket

People who likes skiing may wanna own a perfect jacket that suited, but how to find a good one?

1. Generally, the storm-front clothing adopts PU waterproof coating and glue pressing technology at the joints, so that it can effectively prevent the invasion of rain water and frost snow in the humid place and the environment with the combination of wind and rain.

2. Breathe.Whether the body naturally perspiration, wet and cold in rainy weather, even in the cold conditions such as high mountains and valleys, stormclothes can quickly discharge moisture, prevent the body from losing temperature, and ensure the  warm of  body.But breathability is relative, after all waterproof is too professional, waterproof means breathability is more difficult to do, but now a few special stormtop fabrics are very good.

3. Windbreak.Must be 100% air-cooled.In the changeable natural environment, the stormsuit must not let the cold wind penetrate through our clothes to blow away the warm air near the skin.In different seasons how to choose clothes matching: spring and autumn: spring and autumn day and night temperature difference is large, especially in the mountains.General optional stormfront clothing, wool clothing, warm sweat underwear two sets.Autumn dew is heavier, should choose waterproof material climbing shoes.During the cooler spring and autumn period, a fleece jacket, a bush hat with dust and sun protection, and a pair of warm jungle gloves can be added.The spring and autumn style jacket with five degrees of space is a good choice. It is comfortable to wear. The outer layer is scratch-proof and tear resistant.Summer: the weather is hot in summer.Speaking from breathable absorb sweat, cotton product is superior to chemical fiber, next to the body wear comfortable sex is better, can choose pure cotton shirt, split jungle trousers (leg can come down).Chemical fiber is superior to cotton in terms of dryness.The shoes can choose the summer mountaineering shoes with better air permeability. For rainproof, you can prepare a ultrathin stormwear and a double-layer jacket for weather proof.

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