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The Introduction Of Leggings
May 15, 2018

The Introduction of Leggings


Leggings, also called the underpants. The trousers are designed for wearing short skirts and short skirts to prevent light and body repair. They are divided into many kinds because of the different lengths and materials, which can be matched with the dress. Because of the prevention of light and self cultivation, it is not only the location of bottoming, but also the bottom of mind. Leggings are usually fitted with a long sweater, long sling, T-shirt and short skirt. This type of trousers is mainly suitable for female consumers, so it is more popular with women.


Because the leggings easily make the legs into two sections of the visual effect, so do not choose just "card" in the thighs or calves of the bottom of the leggings, so that the legs will appear shorter and stronger. Bottom pants are tight on the legs, which means that the legs are not perfect. Women must pay attention to the length of their choices. Nine points to play the bottom of the leg is the best to show the advantages and disadvantages of the legs, generally suitable for tall women; slightly knee pants can cover the excess fat on the knee, and can show long leg lines, lengthening the body ratio, it is the most safe choice.

Mesh Leggings.jpg

High Waisted Grey Leggings.jpg

High Waisted Leggings.jpg

The leggings are soft and thin, and if they do not pay attention to the rough, sharp and hard things, they will be scraped or drawn to form an ugly crack; when wearing the shoes, the inner layer of the shoes should be smooth, especially in the shoes that beat the shoe. Too long and sharp skin is also a common cause of leggings. It should be trimmed regularly.

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