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What Are The Jacket Styles?
Jun 01, 2018

What are the jacket styles?


The jacket is a blouse, a lapel, a facelift, a multi-use snap fastener, or a zipper for easy work and activity. The jacket of the Hyundai era is a general term for men's and women's jackets. Jackets are the most common type of people's modern life. They began in the 1980s.


Soft Shell Jacket With Hood.jpgSince the formation of the jacket, the evolution of the style can be described as varied, different times, different political and economic environments, different occasions, characters, ages, occupations, etc., have a great influence on the shape of the jacket. In the history of the world's clothing, jackets have developed into a very large family. If the jacket is divided from its use function, it can be roughly classified into three categories: jackets as work clothes; jackets as casual clothes; jackets as dresses. In modern life, the jacket's light and comfortable features determine its vitality. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, people's material life continues to improve, with the ever-changing apparel fabrics, jackets must be the same as other types of clothing, with a more novel attitude in the dress life of various nationalities in the world.

Jacket pendulum style can be divided into waist and loose waist, according to the shoulder interface style can be divided into flat shoulder and plug shoulder, according to the collar style can be divided into lapels and stand collar, according to cuff style can be divided into tight cuffs and scattered Cuffs and so on. The jacket of the knight's jacket emphasizing broad-shouldered waistline uses stand-up collars, which are mostly bright colors this season. The zippers and quilts at the shoulders are also well-decorated. Compared with the uniformed style of heroes, the image is more varied. Down jackets generally have slits, slim design, warm and clear cotton, down, etc. as the liner or filler, use polyester, nylon and other comfortable windproof material, so that this clothing will combine the advantages of warmth, fit. It is characterized by "more warmth than down and more type than jacket".

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