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What Are The Needs And Characteristics Of Sportswear?
Jun 14, 2018

What are the needs and characteristics of sportswear?


The function and form of the human body will continue to change with age, especially when people enter the middle age, the body's function, form and mental changes will be more pronounced. They are no longer the same as the young people to develop towards the stereotypes, but to the discrete state of height difference between tall and thin and thin individuals evolved: large abdomen waist, buttocks down, collapsed thoracodorsal is a typical characteristic of some middle-aged and older.


Slim Fit T Shirts.jpgFaced with such a special group, if the sportswear manufacturers do not have a uniform number type and can not draw a unified proof, they cannot be produced on the assembly line. Modifying plate type and small batch production will increase the cost. This is what the manufacturer does not want to do. Therefore, the current middle-aged and elderly people only need to “get a little fat” when purchasing sportswear. Second, the tolerance of the elderly in the body to foreign stimuli, especially the elderly, they are unwilling and can not tolerate the discomfort of the body such as hard cuffs, short legs, tight trousers and synthetic fabrics. The traditional Chinese ethics and aesthetic concepts also make the middle-aged and elderly people more restrained and introverted in choosing clothing, and lack the bold and lively psychological characteristics of foreign seniors in the clothing style, and thus the color, style, fabric, and The requirements for functions and accessories are even more difficult to meet than young people. Caused people to think that the middle-aged and the elderly are "critical" and "difficult to wait" and other misunderstandings.


In fact, the consumption psychology of middle-aged and old people in sportswear is similar to that of ordinary clothing. With the growth of age and experience, people's psychological quality tends to be mature and stable. Therefore, the general elderly in the choice of sports apparel first requires that the color tone can not be too dark and dull, not colorful; color should be simple and neat, pure and elegant, both make people feel pleasing, but also extraordinary; while the style should be steady and dignified, Loose and generous, comfortable and generous; functions should be gentle warmth, good elasticity; fine processing, high quality and price appropriate ... ... and so on, which reduces their choice of sportswear.

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