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What Is Buying Guide For Jackets?
Jun 27, 2018

What is Buying Guide for Jackets?


When buying the Jackets, I believe that you will generally determine the buying behavior from the Jackets brand, Jackets prices, Jackets fabric, etc. Of course, these are the factors that should be considered when buying Jackets. However, light is not enough to consider. To judge the quality of a Jackets, you should start with the details of Jackets. Because the Jackets brand, fabrics, etc. are very obvious, but the details of Jackets, you need to carefully check. When purchasing the Jackets, in addition to the fabric of the Jackets, we must also pay attention to such accessories as buckles, nylon gluing, and zippers. Sometimes the quality of these accessories directly reflects the finishing quality of a jacket, but also related to the actual use of the jacket comfort, reliability and durability.


Waterproof Cycling Jacket.jpgIf it is the jacket of the Jackets, its cutting and stitching is very particular. Jackets are based on ergonomic principles, the use of three-dimensional cutting, the maximum degree of fit the body's various joints, so that people do not have a sense of restraint after wearing, will not affect the conduct of outdoor activities. The stitching of Jackets is also very important. The stitching of Jackets is much more stringent than ordinary clothing. According to industry standards, the fineness of stitches should be between 3 and 5 stitches per cm, and the spacing should be even. In some places where regular exercise, pull, or need strength, there should be strengthening treatment. Then, we must see whether there is a rubber strip on the back of each suture. If so, you have to determine the firmness of the strip. If it is a three-layer adhesive Jackets, we can use the nails to gently rub a few times. If the rubber strips have edges, then it is obvious that the pressure of the jackets is not tight enough. I suggest you do not have to choose, because it is highly possible that you After cleaning the jacket several times, the pressure strip will fall off.

When buying jackets, you should consider whether you are mainly used for winter or summer. If you need to participate in outdoor sports in both summer and summer, you are advised to purchase two sets of Jackets. Because if there is only one season of Jackets, it is difficult to achieve activities in both seasons. When you purchase winter jackets, you need to add a warm layer inside, so when choosing jackets, your size should be one or two larger than usual.

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