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What Is The Base Layer?
Jun 05, 2018

What is the Base Layer?


Base Layer can be worn directly on the body, and then wear underwear and then can be used with any clothing worn, generally called the bottom coat. In other words, wear T-shirts or woolen sweaters that can be worn on the inside and can be used with any coat. The clothes that are worn in sweaters or suits are beautifully colored clothes, which are all referred to as base coats.


Base Layer is definitely a pragmatist's invention, with persistent style and color calmly responding to ever-changing fashion trends. Functionally divided into body-base Layers and ordinary base Layers. The body- base Layer has both body-shaping and matching and outer wear functions, while the normal base Layer is used for clothing. From the material is divided into wool, cotton and chemical fiber, of which body-sole shirt is mostly animal and vegetable fiber blended. From the role of the body into the bottoming shirt, warm base Layer, matching base layer. Body base Layers have the above advantages. From the modified part to the body base Layer is divided into corrective, regulatory and cover type. Ordinary base layers are mainly warm type. From the size of the body to the bottom of the shirt are mostly average, ordinary shirt because of the elastic difference is divided into large, medium and small size.


Mens Base Layer Shirt.jpgDuring weaving, local elasticity is handled according to the ergonomic three-dimensional weaving method, so that the shape of the body-sculpting base layer conforms to the human body curve, and the contraction force is increased in individual parts to achieve the effect of correcting the body shape and body sculpting body, and more closely fitting the human body curve. Create a perfect body. Too tight a long-wearing body-building clothing will lead to poor blood circulation, tingling hands and feet, and even affect normal breathing, lung tissue can not fully stretch due to microcirculation, impeding the body's oxygen supply, prone to cerebral hypoxia. Body sculpting base layers have undergone physical testing and pressure testing. They are in full compliance with the health and high quality standards. The ergonomics are three-dimensionally woven and elastic and moderate. There is no sense of restraint and dullness. Base Layers use organic materials such as animal and plant fibers to make them highly breathable and conducive to skin respiration. It will not hinder skin respiration due to prolonged contact with the body, causing folliculitis, or even rough skin.

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