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What Is The Sports Fabric?
Jun 21, 2018

What is the Sports fabric?


Women Soccer Jersey.jpgThe features of sweat-absorbent, fast-drying or moisture-wicking sportswear can be referred to as Refreshinggarments, providing the athlete with a comfortable feeling and creating a good performance on the sports field. The concept of this kind of clothing design comes from the capillary phenomenon of trees, such as multi-layer polyester knitwear, whose inner layer is thick denier polyester yarn and is in direct contact with the skin. The outer layer is a hydrophobic fine denier polyester yarn. Dense construction can accelerate the effect of perspiration. With this similar concept, we will develop more diverse features.

In competitions for swimming and skiing jumps, due to fierce competition, the gap is often 0.01 seconds. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of such athletes, a low-impedance function has emerged. The high-needle-count double-sided warp-knitted fabric made of nylon yarn and elastic yarn is made of corrugated processed yarn to form a very fine groove on the surface of the fabric to achieve the function of reducing the frictional resistance in water. The same design concept is used for air. Fluid to reduce the resistance of ski jumpers in the air. The corrugated wire forms a convex shape on the surface of the ski jumping fabric, so that the player can minimize the air resistance during the stages of starting, taking off, and flying.

In the competition, athletes often have violent and violent actions such as rapid slipping, collisions, and collisions. The fabric is a high-strength polyester fiber spun yarn blended with 5 to 15% P-aromatic polyamid fiber. It has excellent heat-resistance and is resistant to friction, collision, and climbing. Cut through, its main four anti-wear properties. In addition to sportswear, it has been promoted to work clothes, marine sportswear and industrial uses. In addition to the athletes, the average consumer also starts to worry about the sportswear they have. What kind of functionality does it have? This demand has gradually expanded. The design of sportswear in the future must be based on the structure of the human body, so that resistance and restraint can be minimized during exercise, and it is expected that new products will respond to more different needs in the future.

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