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What Is The Trousers’ Selection Skills
May 14, 2018

What is the Trousers’ selection skills


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Because there are great differences between men and women in body shape, there are different ways in the process of cutting. The waist length of the male body is lower, and the waist length of the female body is higher than that of the male body, so that they decide the length of the trousers for the same height and the length of the trousers are larger than those of the men's trousers. Because of the physiological differences between men and women, it is determined that the concave potential of the men's pants is greater than that of women, and that the front position is always located in the front center, and the trousers can be set at random before and after the women's pants.


The basic type of trousers can be said to be worn by anyone. According to the different hobbies, the pleat of the front piece can be changed into folds. How do you choose your pants for your own? Pants must be tried on. When you try them on, you should pay attention to the length of trousers, too short and too long. Wearing trousers is best fitted with heel shoes. The length of trousers should preferably reach the middle and upper part of the heel, which can facilitate walking and make legs look slender. Whether or not to wear a flanging style, it depends on the length of your legs. Slender legs are suitable for wearing flanged trousers. A temperamental person should not be too close to the fashion. The traditional style and trousers that can conceal faults are the best choice. The color is deep and shallow. According to the individual skin, black is suitable for water bamboo.


Attention: Avoid direct sunlight exposure: direct sunlight exposure can cause severe oxidation and fading. As far as possible, the reverse side of the wash, the back of the sun.

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