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What Is The Waterproof Jacket?
Jun 07, 2018

What is the Waterproof Jacket?


Outdoor Waterproof Jackets.jpgWaterproof jackets are mostly similar in style, and the key is to see what they like and fit. There are mainly long and short paragraphs, and the combination of color matching and monochromaticity. Generally speaking, the long ones are better than the short ones, and the mixed colors are better than the single ones. At the same time should pay attention to the European version or exported to Japan, is a male or female models. Waterproof jackets are a kind of functional clothing. Men and women are very particular about it. Generally speaking, women's sleeves are relatively small and their waist is relatively slender. The most obvious difference is that the main zipper on the chest of the male model is inserted from left to right.

A professional waterproof jacket should have the following requirements in design. Shoulder and elbows should have wear-resistant layers; inner and middle-lower parts should have wind skirts or wind-proof feet to prevent wind from pouring into the clothes from the hem. There should be breathable zippers under the armpits, which can be opened directly in the case of sweating; built-in hats, so that you can put away when not in use. There are also some details, such as a small hanging buckle at the cuff, you can directly hang the gloves, and so on.


The quality of waterproof jacket is more durable than ordinary clothing, but no matter how good the quality is, the waterproof breathable layer of the jackets will gradually wear out as the wearing time increases. Therefore, in everyday wear, care should be taken to protect the Jackets. When traveling outdoors, do not let the backpack squeeze the jacket for a long time, because the long-term extrusion wear will accelerate the abrasion of the waterproof breathable film of the jacket. The waterproof jacket should be pulled over the belt and then the belt is buckled again. Avoid the wear and tear caused by the waterproof jacket.


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