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What Makes Good T-shirt Design?
May 30, 2018

what makes good T-shirt design?


T-shirts are one of the most popular clothing for people in spring and summer. Especially in the hot summer days, summer heat, T-shirts gradually replace the old men's vests with their natural, comfortable, chic and dignified sense. T-shirts, plus a short-sleeved shirt or Hong Kong shirt, appear in social situations and become fashionable clothes that people are happy to wear. At present, it has become a fashionable outfit worn by men, women and children all over the world. It is said that the annual sales volume in the world is as high as billions. Together with jeans, it constitutes the most popular clothing in the world.


Custom Sports T Shirts.jpgTo carry out T-shirt design, one must first master the basic process of T-shirt printing, and also understand the printing technology level of the producer and the T-shirt printing equipment used. For example, colored fabric T-shirts have always been printed with water-based glue paint, but if producers mastered the production technology of thermosetting plastic inks and purchased the corresponding equipment, he could use hot-stamped-to-color fabric T-shirts. Printed for processing. The glue printing and thermosetting ink printing have different requirements for the design of the pattern. The paste can only be printed with a simple color pattern. The hot ink can be printed with a transitional printing on the screen, not only on the white T-shirt. For color screen printing, spot color screen printing can also be performed on dark T-shirts. If the designer's design does not correspond to the technical process mastered by the producer, the printed design does not reach the designer's original intentions and effects, or even cannot be printed at all. Therefore, the T-shirt designer must be a master of the T-shirt printing process. In particular, the excellent T-shirt designer must be very concerned about the development status and technical characteristics of the latest T-shirt printing materials and printing equipment in the world so that fast speed uses the latest scientific and technological achievements to produce novel and unique T-shirts.

White Polyester T Shirt.jpgT-shirt design integrates graphic design and apparel design. A good T-shirt design work can enrich the variety of product decoration and enhance the value of T-shirts, and can play a better advertising effect, so it is more commercial and practical than traditional painting. There are many international brands of T-shirts. Their printed designs are their own trademarks. This not only has an advertising effect on the T-shirts, but also plays a decorative role. Trademarks are purely plastic arts and mark the source of products and the honor of the company. It is simple, small and unified, and it can be used to easily identify visual language effects with rich cultural connotations. Therefore, trademarks are the advertising endorsements of companies and products.

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