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What’s The Cultural Perspective Of Bikini?
May 16, 2018

What’s The cultural perspective of bikini?


As a symbol of freedom and liberation of human nature, Bikini whose freedom and liberation of human nature, was a symbol of the culture of modernism in the twentieth Century and was quickly accepted by the post modern society as a fashion symbol for the expression of various ideas of post modern culture since the first American created in 1946. Of course, for ordinary people in life, bikini is a swimsuit and a necessary dress for holiday at the seaside. However, wearing a bikini style still reveals different cultural concepts. Bikini, more than any dress, transcends its original practical functions and becomes a living language of cultural concepts.


The first one is romantic. This is an expression of emotional meaning. Full of feminine vitality and cheerful and bold, such as summer sunshine, such as the leaping of the beach, such as the dancing breeze, is a dynamic style, which is relaxing and natural. This theme style bikini is brightly colored, with printed elastic fabric, lattice, stripes and flower patterns, full of feminine charm. The second one is anatomical. This is an expression of future concepts, simplicity and nudity. The human body displays geometric figures under the cutting of points, lines, and surfaces - triangle, rectangle, oblique line and straight line. There are metal and digital tastes in the age of Cyber-culture (Computer Culture). This theme style bikini uses monochrome elastic super thin fabric, light coloured and flashing.

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High Neck Bikini For Women.jpg

Sexy Triangel Bikini.jpg

The next is playful. The theme of the bikini style is light, monochrome and printed, with a slightly thicker elastic fabric. The design focuses on the decoration of the lotus leaf, or is decorated on the front or the edge, and many can be filled with the chest. Generally do not add steel support, straight line design, underpants for high waist and flat pants pants, also have low waist Triangle pants. It focuses on giving people the impression of being lively, lovely and relaxed. Last but not least, sport. Health is a fashion that the contemporary people pursue. This theme style bikini is mainly printed elastic fabric, similar to sports underwear. The integral wide shoulder strap has straight line splicing, transverse line splicing and slash stitching. Underpants are middle waist trunks, with simple decoration, mainly double line stitches and border patterns.

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