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What’s The Singlet Pattern?
May 18, 2018

What’s the singlet pattern?


A singlet, also known as a vest or waistcoat, which is a sleeveless, short top. The main function is to keep the front and back chest areas warm and easy to use. It can be worn inside or outside the underwear. The main singlets are various types of suit vests, cotton vests, down vests and wool vests.


Singlet style according to the law has a set of head type, open style, including front opening, rear opening, side opening or a half, etc.; according to the body shape has a waist type, straight waist type. According to the collar type collar, Standing collars, lapels, slamming collars, etc. The length of the singlet is usually more than the waist below the hip, but there are a few tight singlets in the women's singlet that are less than the waist, or long singlets (also called singlet skirts) that exceed the hips. Singlets are generally named after their materials, such as leather singlets, wool singlets and so on. It can be made into a single, clipped, or filled waffle.

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Whats the cleaning tips? First, you should wash as cold as possible and wash with mild detergent or soap. Second, you’d better use a hand wash, gently rub it, to avoid deformation, in order to maintain the normal elasticity of the vest. Last, you must avoid ironing, you can flat and dry in a cool orventilated place.

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