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What’s The Sports Bra?
May 21, 2018

What’s the Sports Bra?


A sports bra is a category classified according to the specific function of the bra. Although the bra has been in existence since ancient times in Rome, it has been a hundred years old, it has not changed much in its basic shape. Ergonomics has only recently been widely used in the design and production of bras. As a whole, compared to other categories of clothing, the study of bras is in a lagging position, and the bra number standard is not perfect.


Girls Sports Bra.jpg

Sports bras are developed on the basis of bras and basically inherit the structure and characteristics of bras. With the development of science and technology, the maturation of ergonomics and the wide spread of the world's competitive sports, sports bras are very important for female athletes and sports enthusiasts. Sports bras must not only be beautiful but also must have certain functions to protect women's breast health.


Different types of bras are different in the type of exercise. The more intense the movement, the higher the level of support needed. Therefore, the sports bras required for both aerobics and boxing are quite different. When you try the bra, you can jump in the dressing room to see if it provides proper support for the chest. It should be based on your chest feeling safe (tight) and no pain as standard.

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