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How To Be Beautiful With Sports Wear
Aug 30, 2018

At the beginning of 2017, the more intense the mix and match style of sports (which will be explained in detail later), it really is to wear thin and beautiful. If you don't move, you will show your abdominal muscles.Legging will highlight the leg lines.

Even if it is a loose sports suit, you should wear a loose feeling. So writing this trend and wearing a report is to set a flag for yourself, not to lose weight and have no future, and to watch the beautiful clothes can not be worn.

It is reasonable to say that the sport has returned in the past two years. I must have had this feeling. After a few days of high-heeled dresses, I suddenly changed into a pair of sportswear one day. It’s a good mood, and I’m just walking with the wind, I can’t wait to turn the two heads in place. .


DKNY uses high-waist design and reflective fabrics to create a high-fashioned sense of pure sports elements such as hoodies and sports underwear.

Max Mara adds jungle elements to the sporty style, making it a memorable one.


Another common GGI outfit for Gigi is tight-fitting Legging. Seeing that spring is coming, it’s time to legging to play! In fact, since last year, many fashion icons have been worn every day. But when you match, you must master the skills, otherwise there will always be a gym style...

For example, hooded sweater + legging.


The best trait of a hooded sweater is that the error index is almost zero.

If you are good enough, you can also try the sports bra + tight legging + long jacket, looming vest line and flat belly, it is enough to make you amazing.

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