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How To Choose The Right Sportswear?
Aug 22, 2018

How to choose the right sportswear?


1. Choose breathable and sweat-permeable fabrics.


When you exercise, your muscles contract, your heart rate increases, your breathing increases, your metabolism increases, and your blood flow increases. Therefore, choose sportswear with breathable fabrics, so that sweat can be discharged while exercising.


2. Choose elastic components such as polyurethane.


When choosing sportswear, there is one more important point, that is to choose the sportswear with elastic composition such as spandex. Because no matter what kind of sports, its range of activity is bigger than daily work and life, so the stretching request of sportswear is also high.


3. Wear close-fitting sportswear for yoga activities.


When friends go to yoga activities, it's best to wear close-fitting sportswear. Because the accurate requirement to each joint and muscle of the body is clearer when do the yoga. So wearing close-fitting sportswear is advantageous to the coach see clearly that student's movement is correct or not. Also, the coach can correct wrong asana in time.


4. Women should choose sports underwear.


When woman attends fitness movement, had better choose motion underwear to put on. Sports underwear not only avoid the slip of underwear straps and other problems, but also protect the breasts from the impact of sports, which can avoid a lot of trouble when exercising.


5. Don't wear cotton clothes to the gym.


Some people think that cotton clothes is very appropriate for fitness because of the ability of absorbing swear. In fact, although pure cotton clothing has ability of absorbing sweat, there is a drawback that the speed of perspiration is not fast; If you go to the gym in a cotton clothes, sweaty cotton clothing can easily give the body the opportunity to catch cold. Therefore, it is suggested that do not wear cotton clothes to exercise.


6. Choose the right sneakers.


Sportswear also includes sneakers. So choose the right sneakers for your workout is very important, especially running and doing ball games. It is necessary to choose professional footwear, so as to effectively protect the ankle. Must not put on the daily casual shoes to run and play ball, ankle sprained is a long period of recuperation.

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