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What Is The Classification Of Jackets?
Jun 25, 2018

What is the classification of Jackets?


According to the scope of use and the use environment, we divided the sharps Jackets used in outdoor sports into three categories: lightweight functional outerwear, medium-weight functional outerwear, and expedition-specific exploration functional outerwear. Lightweight functional jackets are very lightweight and can be rolled into a ball. The materials used in these jackets can be almost fully qualified in low-load, simple terrain, quick marching, orienteering or on foot trekking. However, due to its very light weight, it has to make some compromises in terms of scratch resistance and tear resistance.


Men Waterproof Jackets.jpgThe middle-grade functional jackets are more durable, but they are heavier in weight than the lightweight functional outerwear. Middleweight Functional Outerwear is mainly used for medium-intensity hiking, cycling or low-altitude mountaineering. Obviously, the use of middle-level functional outerwear is broader than that of light functional outerwear, but major manufacturers are still pondering their efforts in making materials and processes in order to reduce their own clothes as much as possible on the basis of enhancing their functionality. weight. From our current jacket recommendation products, you can also find some well-known manufacturers have been working hard like this jacket, such as the use of waterproof zippers; use of better materials to replace the traditional Jackets worn on the shoulders and elbows Layers and so on.

The design concept of Expedition Adventure-specific Jackets is relatively simple, and it is usually the explorer’s most faithful friend. With such a piece of clothing, you can fully cope with a variety of complex weather conditions that ordinary people can't imagine. When the situation around you becomes worse and worse, you will find out how much you have such a dress. Fortunately. For example, when walking on a terrain with a complex terrain environment, you are likely to be hit by torrential rains and have nowhere to hide—you know, the speed with which you are exposed to heavy rain and exposed to body temperature in the snow. It's exactly the same, and the surrounding temperature is just a matter of a few degrees of temperature difference. At this time, a special function coat will protect your body like a shell, protecting you from rain and rapid temperature drop. bitter.

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