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What are the styles of shirts?
Aug 24, 2018

What are the styles of shirts?


Wholesale 100% Cotton Men's Denim Shirt.jpgBritish shirts are also the most familiar styles in terms of style. Most of the shirts that are common today are born out of the British style. Just because of the influence of the popular American culture, the common shirt styles in the market are more American style, such as larger sleeves and loose clothes. Body size, so the really cut British shirt is hard to see. British shirts are styled shirts.

The characteristics of the American shirt are the same as that of the American suit. The sleeves are fat and the body is fat and does not pay attention to the tailoring of the body curve. The collar of the standard American shirt has a collar buckle that fastens the collar in the center of the vision. The style of the American shirt is not strictly a formal shirt, but is more suitable for a leisure vacation or a home shirt.

Italian-style shirts are a kind of shirts that are more aristocratic and romantic in traditional European style. They are mainly used for matching formal wear, one of the typical gentleman dress shirts. Italian shirts, although their Milan sleeves are not as popular as French kraft sleeves, they are also recognized as formal shirts with French shirts because of their long history in formal history. Like traditional French shirts, they are the most commonly worn by traditional European gentlemen used shirt.

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