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What Should Pay Attention To Down Clothing?
May 31, 2018

What should pay attention to Down clothing?


Down coat filled with down filling tops, large and rounded shape. Down jackets generally account for more than half of duck down, and at the same time, they can be mixed with some fine feathers. The duck downs will be cleaned and then sterilized by high temperature. After that, down jackets will be filled in the clothes. Down warmth is best. They are mostly worn by people in cold areas and are also commonly used by polar surveyors.


Fillers in down jackets, the most common are goose down and duck down, these two points by color, can be divided into white cashmere and gray cashmere. Down jackets available in the market are sorted by: White goose down> Grey goose down> White duck down> Grey duck down. It may be affected by the ranking of selling prices, and many people therefore think that the quality of these velvet is also such a sort, it is not true. Through the theoretical research and practical experience of down, in general, the same quality and cashmere content of goose down is better than the warmth, fluffiness, etc. of duck down.


Bubble Coat Mens.jpgThe best time to buy down jackets is during the period of big discounts in spring and summer clothing. Because people's demand for anti-season clothing in the spring and summer is reduced, dealers eager to deal with off-season clothing will also discount clothing. Usually, off-season clothing will be discounted by 50% or less. Buying down jackets in spring and summer will allow you to easily purchase higher-quality, better-quality winter cold relics within your budget. When you buy down jackets, according to their own needs to determine the thickness and style, such as the constitution of cold can choose long or even long down jacket to keep warm and cold, want to highlight the good body ratio can also wish to try short paragraph down. However, it must be noted that people with allergic constitutions and allergic rhinitis, asthmatic bronchitis, and asthma should not wear down jackets. Because these people have an allergic reaction to animal skins, poultry feathers, etc., there are common symptoms such as rashes, hives, pruritus, nasopharyngeal itch, itchy eyes, runny nose, cough, chest tightness, and even asthma.

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