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How To Maintain Softshell Jacket?
Jun 08, 2018

How to maintain Softshell Jacket?


Softshell jackets, a warm windproof fabric plus waterproof layer jacket, which is a kind of clothing between the grab fleece jackets and Jackets, suitable for spring and summer communication and autumn and winter communication clothing. Softshell jackets, light weight, easy to carry. The outer layer is made of waterproof fabric and has waterproof and windproof properties. The inner layer uses fleece fabric and has warm air permeability.


Softshell jackets are light weight and easy to carry. The outer layer is waterproof and windproof. The inner layer is made of fleece fabric with warm air permeability. In order to meet the needs of Amy's ladies, in addition to features such as windproof, waterproof, breathable, and comfortable, women's models also have detailed design of self-cultivation, natural curved shape sleeves, and cuff velcro.


Softshell Mens Jacket.jpgThe fabrics of Jackets and Soft Shell Jackets are all functional fabrics. The fabrics are often composite or laminating and generally have two layers and three layers. Whether it is a few layers, excessive tearing or strong water pressure in the washing machine may cause separation of the base fabric and cause irreversible damage to the fabric. In addition, the reason why the jackets and softshell jackets can waterproof the whole is because the location of sutures have done a hot pressure waterproof treatment. The strong water pressure of the washing machine can also damage the waterproofing process. Softshell Jackets also have water resistance, if there is some small dirt with a towel soaked with soapy water can be soft, softshell Jackets are often worn for a long time only need to wash, softshell Jackets are more dirty fabrics are chemical fiber materials, also It is easy to remove stains and soak for about twenty minutes with a neutral detergent. Use a dirty place (software is not recommended to use a brush to prevent the surface fibers from becoming rough). The sponge can be wiped clean. No need to screw after washing. Clothes hangers can be dried.

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