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Kid Wear Brands
Jun 21, 2018
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Children's clothing 

children's clothing for short, is suitable for children to wear clothing. Including baby clothing, children's clothing and so on. Also includes the primary and middle school campus clothing. The pattern of domestic children's wear market is roughly, domestic and foreign brands account for half of the domestic market. Although there are children's wear brands in one or two or three or four kinds of market, there are also regional children's wear brands in each area, but the concentration of children's wear brand is not high.

Development Space 

Children's Wear has a lot of room for development. Everyone thinks that children's wear is the last piece of cake in the clothing industry. Many adult shoe clothing brands have also come in, and more adult individual product brands have been transferred to children's wear brands. There are also foreign trade enterprises to manage the domestic market in the way of children's clothing brand, and the international brand extended children's wear category has also entered the domestic market one after another, trying to get a share of it. Due to the intensification of competition in the middle and high grade children's wear market, and with the improvement of domestic consumption level and the change of consumption concept of domestic children's articles, not only children's clothing brands have been further subdivided into markets, At the same time, the popular children's clothing brand may come into being, upscale or even luxury children's wear brand will also come into being.

In the standard of clothing classification

Children products were classified into three categories: category A: infant articles, formaldehyde content ≤ 20 mg / kg B: products with direct contact with skin, formaldehyde content ≤ 75 mg / kg ·kg ~ (3) C: products with non-direct contact with skin, formaldehyde content ≤ 300 mg / kg ·kg ~ (-1). The pH values of A and B products are allowed to be in the range of 4.0 ~ 7.5 and the pH values of C products are allowed to be in the range of 4.0 ~ 9.0. Class A infant articles, water resistant, perspiration fastness ≥ 3 or 4 grade, dry friction resistance, saliva color fastness ≥ 4 grade B and C products water resistance, perspiration resistance, The colour fastness to dry friction is all required to be above grade 3 or more. It is prohibited to use fabrics that decompose aromatic amine dyes under reducing conditions. Children's wear products generally choose woven fabric and knitted fabric, and the finished products choose the corresponding standard according to the fabric performance, because the index content of different fabric standard check is different. For example: woven fabrics for children's wear products, mainly according to the FZ / T81003-2003 "Children's clothing, Student clothing" standard assessment (in addition to GB18401-2003 standard assessment content, product standards for clothing identification, appearance sewing quality, wash color fastness, wet friction color fastness, Color fastness to dry cleaning, color fastness to light, shrinkage of main parts of finished product, pilling, fiber content and so on. Knitting children's wear products, mainly according to FZ / T73008-2002 < knitting T-shirts > / FZ / T73020 < knitted casual clothing > / GB / T8878-2002 < Cotton knitted underwear > and other standards (except for testing according to GB18401-2003 standard, product standards for marking, appearance quality, light resistance, perspiration color fastness, washing fastness, color fastness, Color fastness to wet friction, change rate of washing size, distortion rate after washing, breaking strength of marbles, pilling, fiber content and so on.

The style specifications of foreign trade

 Garments are often in accordance with the preferences of Europeans and Americans or Japanese and Koreans. Their styles are often ahead of those of domestic consumers, and the specifications do not necessarily conform to the characteristics of the Chinese people's figure. But because of its unique appearance, good fabric, fine workmanship, relatively low prices are still popular with many domestic consumers. "the real foreign trade clothing generally comes from the export clothing production enterprise." A familiar with the foreign trade clothing business boss told Halibo bear children's wear join network, foreign trade clothing style design mostly by the customer, the fabric is according to the customer's request in the domestic purchase or imports from abroad. In order to prevent the shortage of parts caused by the problem of garment quality, the manufacturers often produce a few pieces more than the quantity required by the customers, but the quantity of the garments produced by this kind of multi-processing is not too much. More foreign trade clothing comes from the "contingency" that has been eliminated after a number of rigorous tests before exporting, mostly to foreign clothing stores. This kind of industry is called "foreign trade single dress". Another situation is that foreign customers placed orders after the factory failed to deliver the contract. For example, in the late delivery period, the products are not qualified and so on. Most of these goods flow to the hands of large domestic and foreign stockholders, some of them are exported twice, some are sold in the domestic hands of domestic distributors, and finally flow to the foreign trade clothing stores. This kind of industry is called "foreign trade single dress". This kind of clothing relative quality is stable, the price is also higher than the same kind of tail single product. The third case is that the manufacturer intentionally overdoes a part according to the quantity of the order, which is often a better style or a best-selling brand, sold to domestic dealers or clothing stores. This kind of industry is called "single clothing", "single clothing". This kind of clothing market is quite popular. In addition to those more than orders or defective parts, inspection of non-conforming, other foreign trade clothing is fake.

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