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What Is The Sportswear Concept?
Jun 13, 2018

What is the Sportswear concept?


Cool T Shirts.jpgSportswear refers to clothing that is dedicated to sports competitions. In a broad sense, it also includes clothing worn by outdoor sports activities. Sportswear is usually designed according to the specific requirements of sports. In order to improve the performance of finished products, companies will increase the research, development and application of high-tech synthetic materials in the production of sportswear products, and new types of upper materials such as leather and textile fabrics will be widely used. With the advent of thermoplastic elastomers, polymer composites, nanomaterials, and functional materials, and the market application, the use of sports and leisure shoe sole materials will continue to innovate, greatly enhancing the mechanical, chemical and thermal properties of sports shoes, and enhancing consumers' wear experience.

As far as consumers are concerned, the functions of casual wear and sportswear are different from those of professional athletes. They emphasize ease of maintenance, waterproof and windproof comfort. In order to increase consumer buying behavior, manufacturers of peripheral equipment have also joined sales. The ranks, such as protective fabrics for health care and anti-UV, in order to provide increasing functional requirements, weavers and chemical suppliers constantly research and develop new fibers and finished products. The most rapid development of polyester and nylon-resistant microfibers, high-density and waterproof fabrics are the most widely used in casual wear.


As long as the product is positioned, each product has its own characteristics and can fully function. Manufacturers of sportswear must measure the entire system from a macro perspective. From yarn to retailers, each level must interact with one another. Only four elements of the basic function of sportswear can bring maximum benefit.

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