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What Is The Principle Of A Reflective Jacket?
May 11, 2018

What is the Principle of A Reflective Jacket?


The reflective jacket can also be called a reflective vest and a reflective suit. According to the style of reflective jacket, it can be divided into: reflective vest, reflective T-shirt (POLO), reflective coat, reflective trousers, etc. According to the use of the reflective jacket, the anti light raincoat, the anti light suit of the sanitation workers, the reflective riding clothes, the reflective school uniform, the reflective leisure suit, the counter light suit, the outdoor reflective clothing, the reflective clothing, the reflective work clothes, the special industry reflexes and so on.


Reflective vest is a kind of personal safety equipment used for night or bad weather, which is made of reflective material inlaid in the main parts of clothes or vest. It is a good protection worker in outdoor work.


The reflective light in the reflective clothing is made by using the lattice micro diamond type to produce refraction and high refractive index of glass bead regression and reflection, which is made by the advanced process of focusing after processing. It can reflect the direct radiation from the far side to the luminescent spot, and has good retroreflective optical properties both in the daytime and in the dark.

High Visibility Safety Vests.jpg

Orange Yellow Safety Vest.jpg

The reflective jacket is suitable for road workers, traffic administration departments, road commanders, police, cleaner and so on. The high reflective light serves as a warning and striking effect to protect the safety of the personnel.

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